A few photos from Roppongi Art Night

The annual Roppongi Art Night was held on Saturday and Sunday (March 24 & 25), so I popped over for a quick cruise around with my camera. I started out at Midtown, which had quite a lot going on both inside and outside. (click on any photo for a larger version)

Above is a close up of one of a series of feather sculptures (for lack of a better description) that comprise Kosei Komatsu’s “Now the Wind Blows from You” (今、彼方より風向きを), which is an “ultra-sensitive wind detector” and was, in person, far more charming than that sounds.  The “Street Museum” was in the B1 floor of Midtown and featured several exhibits from a variety of artists. One of my favourites was the “town/vessels/town” ceramics by Keiko Masumoto, but for some reason I didn’t take any photos of her work. You can, however, see some of her pieces here, on her website.

Below is a still shot of the “Five Rings” light/sound event, which was made to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the opening of Midtown (I can’t believe it’s been five years).

And here’s a little video snippet (shot on my iPhone):

Below is the start of the Legend of Roppongi 2012 “performance project” by Antenna, with its central character “Jappy” (Japan Happy).

Antenna’s video telling of the Jappy legend (below) is quite fabulous. Even if you don’t understand the spoken language, the visuals are great and you can get the gist of the concept: in their retelling of history, “Jappy” has been present throughout the ages as Japan has been beset by trials and tribulations.

Crossing over the bridge to the Midtown Garden area, you can see Yayoi Kusama’s Footprints of Life 2010 in the distance (the pink and black shapes behind the trees). Of course, the Tate Modern has a major exhibition of Kusama’s work running until June, 2012  – unable to attend that, Roppongi Art Night was a good chance to see some of her work.

More “Jappy” – this was a full scale “temple-like” structure at the back of the Midtown Garden that was only on display for one night. It really reminded me of a Bon-Odori Yagura. The whole “Jappy” thing was a bit odd, but there you have it.

This is “Hanako”, a 13-metre tall Kokeshi – a Kokeshi is a traditional wooden doll from the Tohoku area, so there is an obvious reference to March 11, 2011.

Over at Roppongi Hills, Suntory had an outdoor bar area with some very atmospheric lighting and Hibiki whisky  going for ¥300 a shot. The most noticeable thing about this very cool temporary bar was the fact that almost every single person in the space was under the age of 50 – not the usual demographic you associate with Hibiki whisky in Japan.

Finally, it was over to the back part of Roppongi Hills where Yayoi Kusama’s 10+ metre tall Yayoi-chan and her dog Ring-Ring were centre stage for a big crowd and some music.

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  • Beautiful! I love the Kokeshi.

    • tokyololas

      Thanks! Kokeshi have been a lot more visible in Tokyo these days (since March 11). This one, at 13m tall, was pretty fabulous to see in person.