A jaunt to Jōgashima


Looking toward Mt. Fuji from the rugged Jōgashima coast


In March, we went for a drive to Jōgashima (城ヶ島), which is a small island off the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula (三浦半島). I’d been there a few times before, but it had been a while. It’s about 75 km from central Tokyo and can easily be accessed by train or car (see details at the end of the post).

Why visit Jōgashima? Most people go to see the lighthouse, which was originally built in 1870 (but the current structure was built in 1925 because the original was destroyed by the 1923 earthquake).

Another reason to go is for the great view of Mount Fuji you can sometimes get, if the clouds and sky are cooperating.  My reason for going is because it’s an easy day-trip from central Tokyo and there is a very striking landscape/seascape, with crashing waves, jagged rocks and bright green moss. Nearby Misaki Port is also a popular spot for those seeking famously fresh tuna in the form of maguro-don (マグロ丼), sushi, or sashimi.

I did not stop in for any sushi this time, but a here are a few photos from the day (click on any photo for a larger version):



Always something interesting to be found on Jōgashima’s rocky shore


More shore wanderers out on the rocks


Great sea energy on a windy day


Some early spring flowers were out to greet us


Some dried susuki from last year still hanging on and dancing in the breeze


My favourite shot from the day – looks like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie


A wave dances and mimics the shape of Mt. Fuji


Dilapidation: a lot of the buildings have seen better times


A black kite surveys the scene for its next meal

A tiny headless teddy bear spotted on the rocks

A tiny headless teddy bear spotted on the rocks


Getting there by public transport (which I’ve done several times) is quite easy: take the  Keikyu line from Shinagawa station – make sure you are on a train bound for Misakiguchi station (三崎口駅). The Keikyu Line splits off at a few places and can be confusing (even for Tokyo train veterans), so you want to make sure you are on the right train. Ride right to the last station, Misakiguchi, which takes about 75 minutes. When you arrive, you exit into a parking lot with a convenience store, a taxi stand and several bus stops. You can take the #9 bus (from bus stand #2) to the final stop. The bus is only about twice an hour, so you may have to wait. If, like me, you find hopping in a taxi better, it’ll cost you about 2,000 yen or so to get to Jōgashima by taxi. There is a small toll to cross the bridge to Jōgashima, so that will be added to your fare. Strategically, the bus there (where you have a chance of getting a seat) and a taxi back is ideal (the return bus can get REALLY crowded and is a bit of a slog).

Driving there takes about 90 minutes from central Tokyo – Google Maps is your best bet for planning your route.

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  • Rolf Maeder

    Nice blog, great pics, Laura!

    • Thanks, Rolf! (and for the visit)