A Local Bon-Odori

I’ll readily confess that I am a matsuri otaku, so it’s no surprise that August is a great time of year for me. Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a few years knows that August in Tokyo is festival time and I’ve blogged about Bon Odori a few times here and here (thankfully I have better video equipment these days).

This upcoming weekend (August 26 & 27) is the awesome Oedo Matsuri Bon Odori taikai (大江戸まつり盆おどり大会), so, if you’re around Tokyo, you should definitely check it out. (Japanese info is here). I shot the video below two years ago, if you’d like an idea of what it’s like (after the intro still shots, there’s live video):

Anyway, although the Oedo matsuri is “local” (I live in Chuo-ku), our truly local (as in neighbourhood) Bon Odori was last week, so I popped over to shoot a bit and have a few drinks while listening to the music and watching the dancers and, below, are some shots from that evening. It’s always so much fun to go to your local Bon Odori and see the same people over the years (and I’m now getting quite a collection of portraits of some of the real regulars who dance at all the local ones, including the Oedo one).



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  • really beautiful Laura!

    • Hey, thanks, Frank! I had a fun time.

  • I am sorry to confess being so blase about the matsuri… 

    • True confessions! LOL…I think you’re actually way more the rule than the exception: most people I know are not in the least bit excited by it.