Biggest snowstorm in 45 years hits Tokyo


Looking towards the Imperial Palace – a rare chance to see it in such heavy snow

I’ve blogged about Tokyo in the snow before (here and here), but the snowfall this past Saturday was epic. Of course, we went out and walked around for several hours. As a Canadian, I feel qualified to state unequivocally that it was a full-on blizzard!

I’ve put together a gallery below – click on one of the photos to view them all in a larger size.

If the gallery is slow-loading, you can view it here: (Also, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment re. the loading speed, that would be much appreciated. I’m trying to find the optimal way to share large-image galleries that load quickly on a variety of devices)




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  • HK5RBs

    Nice shots! The snow makes everything it touches seem enchanted. These photos make me homesick for Tokyo.

  • Beautiful pictures. I know snow can be tough to deal with, but still these pictures make me want to be in Tokyo right now.