Eggs as calendars

Well, it’s been a busy week and I realized when I bought eggs yesterday, as I looked at the expiry date with what I’m sure was a look of complete shock, that we are almost at the end of the year and Christmas will be gone before these eggs are:


This does not bode well for anyone receiving a Christmas card on time (particularly those of you who are relying on Canada Post), but we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, busy means no time with my camera and no time spent wandering the streets of Tokyo, so I have been filling the void by using my iPhone camera a lot more than usual. I also finally started uploading to Instagram. I am not sure how much I’ll post there – I’ll aim for a shot a day like I do with my Hipstamatic blog on Tumblr, but, to be honest, I don’t love the exclusively iPhone interface for interacting with people. Of course, you can look at individual photos in a browser, like this, but you can’t do anything else in a browser aside from edit your account.

Now, obviously, the answer to this quasi-complaint will be something along the lines of: “Of course you can’t do anything else in a browser because the whole point is to do it through the app – it’s fast, it’s immediate, it’s fun, etc.” And, yes, I get that, but, for me, I just find it hard to browse significant numbers of photos and, therefore, find people I might want to “follow” through the app interface. I prefer the flexibility of Tumblr: if I want to do some serious browsing, I can jump to my desktop or laptop, but if I just want to do a quick post, I can do that directly from my phone.

That being said, I like some of the filters (like the cross-process one. XP-II) and I like the immediateness of it. Here’s a shot I took the other day in Kofu – I arrived late at night and there was nobody around and, as I was walking to the hotel, I passed this little alley:


I was only in Kofu for about 20 hours and most of that time was spent indoors, so I didn’t see much, but I was so glad to have caught the scene above and will bring my camera the next time I find myself going there.

And, by the way, if you want to add me on Instagram, my user name is lauramac



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  • Very interesting outlook of Kofu city together with filter. It looks to me that this was developed over two to three decades ago and has been left in a drawer!!!
    Street named “something (=mostly local name of the town but your photo is not the case) ginza” is everywhere in Japan, haha.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Hi Yoshi,
    Yes, it definitely has the “left in a drawer” feel (which I happen to completely LOVE) 🙂
    And, yes, this is definitely not “the Ginza” of Kofu! It really was a tiny little alley off the main street, with a lot of lanterns and some snack-type places.
    I hope you are having a great holiday – Merry Christmas to you and Anna!