Foggy Night in Tokyo

Well, I thought I might go out and shoot a bit, but the rain and fog convinced me that a cup of coffee and a book on the sofa would be a better choice.

However, that doesn’t mean I put my camera away without at least getting a few shots of the fog (click on photos for larger versions):

city scene: looking towards Tokyo station on a foggy night

Looking towards Ginza and Yaesu (Tokyo Station) area on a foggy night


city night scene: Tokyo's Tsukishima area in the fog

A wider shot (50mm) of the Tsukishima area, looking towards the obscured Tokyo Sky Tree

City night scene: Tokyo Sky Tree makes a brief appearance in the fog

Tokyo Sky Tree is briefly visible with its rotating lights in the fog

Apparently we are due for some very wet weather over the next 24 hours or so because of the meandering Typhoon 22W (this typhoon’s named Prapiroon, who is the Thai God of Rain):

Image grab from Yahoo! 天気 - Typhoon 22W over Japan

Image grab from Yahoo! 天気 – Typhoon 22W over Japan


Now, on to that coffee…

image of coffee cup being filled

Filling my mug – shot taken with the new Blux Camera app (Rio Filter)

(the last shot was taken with the new Blux Camera app – I haven’t really explored it much, but first impressions are that it’s very good)





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  • Wow, I love the photos!
    It was extremely rainy here in Kansai today as well. It was also foggy a bit and my car was rather swimming than driving. *g*

    • Thanks, zoomingjapan!
      It looked like you got hit with some very heavy rain in Kansai yesterday. How was today? Still swimming or more like driving? ;-))
      At least the weekend looks like it’ll be good for both Kansai and Kanto – yay!

      • Today it was very dark the whole day, but luckily no rain! ^__^

  • I’m glad you got some shots of the rain and fog, even though a cup of coffee is better to have on a horrible day :). I love the first shot best as it looks moody :)!