Google Japan Doodle for Yasujirō Ozu

A lovely little Google Doodle today to mark the anniversary of Yasujirō Ozubirth (小津 安二郎 1903年12月12日 – 1963年12月12日) – a scene from his most famous film, Tokyo Story (東京物語):


Tokyo Story Yasujiro Ozu Google Doodle


Oddly, Ozu died on his birthday, so today marks both his birth and his death. Here is the trailer for the film (with English subtitles):

Also, from today, at the National Film Center in Kyobashi (Tokyo), there is an exhibition called “The Iconography of Yasujiro Ozu”. Click on the image below for info in Japanese (for English info click here and scroll down):

Iconography of Yasujiro Ozu National Film Center Tokyo

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  • Adonica

    Nice one Laura, hope you’re well 🙂 x Adonica

    • Laura

      Hi Adonica, I’m very well, thanks, how are you? Send me some news – email me or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook and we can catch up! xo