Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


I’m a bit obsessed with getting out with my camera when it snows in Tokyo, which usually happens around the third week of February. It was a bit late this year, but I was glad to wake up to it this morning and be able to get out in it for a bit. Obviously, growing up in Canada, snow is no novelty, but it happens so rarely in central Tokyo that it becomes something I look forward to every year. Plus, did I mention there are umbrellas??? (I have a wee thing for umbrella photos.)

I went over to the Imperial Palace area and then strolled around Hibiya/Yurakuchō/Ginza a bit before heading back for some hot coffee.

Here are the highlights (yes, a lot of umbrellas):





The line below got longer and longer (I passed it twice) – I think they were waiting to get into some kind of performance. They all looked frozen and some (not pictured) were standing on subway exhaust grates for warmth.

 The same line from a sheltered vantage point, behind.






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