March going out with a bang

Growing up, I always remember hearing the saying “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb”, which always seemed to hold true with the ugly transition from winter to spring in Toronto. Today, however, the Tokyo weather has turned that saying on its head with some extremely high winds and stormy weather.

I’m always a fan of extreme weather, so I quite enjoyed the walk back from Tsukiji market this morning in the gale force winds with bags of vegetables in hand.

The sky turned dramatic enough by 12:30 pm to get me out on the balcony with my wide angle lens and below are the results: three shots progressing from darkest (looking north-east) to lightest (as I swing around east). All shots are three exposures each tonemapped and then processed in Lightroom.

(click on any shot for a MUCH larger view)

Just out of curiosity, I jumped over to Yahoo Japan’s weather page to see if there were any storm warnings or wind warnings and, sure enough, there were – Chuo-ku has a warning for thunder, strong winds, and waves:

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  • nice what type of wide angle lens do u use?

    • Hey Frank, thanks for the visit!

      I use the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8:
      It’s great if you want low-light versatility. The comparable lenses by other makers are all f/3.5 (Sigma, Tamron, and Canon).

      You can see a lot of great examples from the Tokina here (the Flickriver Tokina 11-16mm pool “most interesting):