plugins, pictures, and primates…

(DD & KC – don’t read this first bit – it’ll make your luddite eyes bleed! Skip down to “Crouching Bush…”)

So…am familiarising myself with WordPress…I know my way around FTP, etc. The setup was a breeze, getting a post online a super breeze, changing the default image header a bit of a head scratcher, BUT getting an image in a post like having teeth extracted while listening to gagaku (please don’t comment on the merits of ancient Japanese court music – I actually like it, but just wouldn’t want to listen to it at the dentist)! Seems the default image uploader is crap!! Anyway, thanks to lovely people who sit around creating plugins, I found the Image Browser plugin – it’s a breeze to install and use and, voila, little pics can now litter all my random musings…

WHY do i want pictures on here when i have a website full of ’em?? just because i need to be able to post little daily goofy pics to entertain and amuse the 4 people who read this site…BUT, REALLY, it all started with this:

“Crouching Bush, Hidden Chimp”

was surfing for something or other and came across this website: – made me laugh…an apparently non-partisan guy who just thinks “Bush resembles a chimp” has got a whole gallery of photos and, I must say, the resemblance is uncanny!

  • Jay

    Welcome to the blogosphere… i hate that term.
    I use my blog solely as a family (ie kids) photo journal. I haven’t tried your plugin but I’m sure it’s good.
    However what I do is upload to my site any number of recent photos.
    Then Bonnie or I can log into my Flickr account and use it’s built in “post to blog” function to create a WordPress post on my blog with the picture. It works well for our purposes.

    I’m commenting backwards, as is the nature of these blogs. One tends to read them in reverse if they need to catch up. I’ve enjoyed your insight and commentary on Japan and your surroundings from your unique perspective.