Popping a Wheelie in Ginza

I’ve had this video on my phone since a hot summer night a few months ago, but, in order to try out the iMovie for iPhone app, I thought I’d use this as a test video.

It was a really funny moment: we were waiting for the lights to change at the Ginza 4-chome intersection (the main intersection in the middle of Ginza) and we could hear the sound of a group of motorcycles approaching (really loud, as in bosozoku style) and this guy on a bicycle rolls up to the intersection and sort of positions himself in front of the pack.

I just happened to have my iPhone video rolling because I thought the idea of the motorcycles roaring past all the boutiques and the big koban at the intersection was funny; but, when the guy on the bike took off first, it was priceless (and then you can see him circle back around at the 18 second mark, after his manoeuvre):

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