Rainy Season Flowers in Tokyo (yes, I know, rainy season was months ago)

Rainy season has come and gone, and this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for AGES, but today was a bit reminiscent of rainy season: it was gloomy and rainy all day long. It kind of looked like this (although the blur is an exaggerated version of my brain’s impression this morning):


[click on image above for a larger view]

Over the years, I have, of course, blogged a few times about rainy season in Tokyo – you can take a look at some of the older posts here and here. Therefore, I’ll skip over the details and focus on the main topic of this post: rainy season flowers in Tokyo.

If you do a search for “rainy season flowers in Tokyo”, you will most likely see a billion shots of hydrangeas, so don’t think you’re going to escape that here. Hydrangeas and rainy season are inextricably linked in Japan. However, hydrangeas are not the only things blooming during the usual June to July stretch of god-awful daily drizzle, so I’m going to mix things up a bit with some of the other flowers blooming amidst the grey and gloom. Also, I should mention that this year’s rainy season has actually been full of pretty decent weather and did not have nearly as many rainy days as other years, so I almost had to wait for enough of a rainy day to go out and get some shots.

The slideshow/portfolio is here and, below, a random selection.

still searching out the exact name of this yellow flower – feel free to comment if you happen to know


Rosa Rugosa with raindrops

Agapanthus just before it blooms





  • Andrew Joseph

    Wow… that photo of the skyline… its so sharp at the bottom – unobscured by mist…the buildings look like a kid’s toy.
    By the way… it always seemed like it was the ‘rainiy season’ for me when I traveled about in Japan – hence my nickname of Ame Otoko… the rain man.