Okay…NOW there’s actually snow in Tokyo…

There was quite a buzz on Saturday when it snowed here, but, in reality, nothing stuck to the ground in central Tokyo and it was, for me, rather disappointing. Tonight, however, what started as a cold rain turned slowly to snow as the hours passed until it was really snowing by around 10:30 or 11:00 pm.

For this kind of situation, the iPhone camera just doesn’t cut it (but I don’t have any long exposure apps installed, so I can’t rule it out completely). Out came the tripod and the shutter release and a hot cup of coffee carried out to the balcony.

Now, fingers crossed that we’ll wake to the city blanketed in white…
(What can I say? I like snow.)

click on the photo for a larger version

click on the photo for a larger version

click on the photo for a larger version

If we’re really lucky, it’ll stick around until the morning rush hour and I can do some people shooting, like this (one of my all time personal favourites – taken a few years ago in Shinjuku):

umbrellas in the snow-4

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  • BabyLibellule.

    It’s beautiful

  • Jim Porter

    No..NOW there is actually snow in Tokyo!

    • LOL…Yes, I have to say, yesterday’s storm is the hands-down winner! I was out and about in it for quite a few hours. How about you? Were you out in it?