SOYSH™ – sparkling soy water

Another in my growing list of interesting Japan beverages: SOYSH™, a “sparkling soy water” from Otsuka pharmaceutical. Otsuka is well-known for a number of popular health-related drinks and snacks, such as Pocari Sweat and CalorieMate (you can see their lineup here)

If you visit the SOYSH website , there’s a “concept” page which outlines the growing concern in Japan that people are not getting enough of the required daily legume intake and that, while people in western countries have been increasing their soy intake, Japanese people have been increasing their intake of animal-based foods:

Apparently, carbonation is an important part of the equation, but it doesn’t sound very tasty. I haven’t seen it in stores yet or tried it, but will buy one when I spot one (which, of course, means I will probably now see it about twenty times a day starting tomorrow)

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