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SOYSH™ – sparkling soy water

Another in my growing list of interesting Japan beverages: SOYSH™, a “sparkling soy water” from Otsuka pharmaceutical. Otsuka is well-known for a number of popular health-related drinks and snacks, such as Pocari Sweat and CalorieMate (you can see their lineup here) If you visit the SOYSH website , there’s a “concept” page which outlines the […]


Kirin World's Kitchen Salty Lime

I blogged earlier about the Kirin “World’s Kitchen” series: 世界のキッチンから, so here is their latest “inspiration from Mexico” – Salty Lime: I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m guessing it would go very nicely with some premium tequila on the rocks. I’ll let you know… UPDATE: It’s VERY nice on ice (I’m trying it sans […]