Tokyo Sky Tree disappears in the fog

For the past few days, I have been seeing a lot of fog photos as I cruise around the net (like these shots from my hometown on blogTO or these shots of NYC on Gothamist) and I’ve had a kind of fog-envy which I didn’t think would be redressed any time soon because a good fog does not really occur very often in Tokyo.

This morning started out a bit overcast, but by about 1:00pm it had turned to an incessant drizzle and by 5pm the fog had settled in. Usually, in the late afternoon, the view looks something like this (with Tokyo Sky Tree visible in the background) :

Today, in the late afternoon, Tokyo Sky Tree was completely obscured and it looked pretty dismal (this is a longer lens, so the buildings are closer):

However, my favourite fog shot taken from the balcony is one from a few years ago – this kind of ominous-looking fog is a rarity here (in fact, I’ve never seen it since). I strongly recommend clicking on the image for a MUCH larger view:

It looks like Saturday’s forecast is for more of the same. If so, I’ll make a point of getting out and taking advantage of the foggy backdrop.

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