Tokyo Sky Tree Light Up

I happened to have my big lens out for a shot of this weekend’s “super moon”, so I was all set up to shoot when I glanced out the window and saw that Tokyo Sky Tree was lit up.

I didn’t actually realize it was lit up for a special reason until I came in from the balcony and saw a clip on the news about this evening’s Hikari no Symphony on the Sumida river.

Sky Tree is set to open on May 22, so this is a preview of my nightly view.

(click on any photo for a larger version)






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  • Oh wooow! 🙂 How lucky that you are able to see it from your window! That is so cool! 🙂 I hope to get an apartment with a good view when I am in Japan. Although, we are considering a more suburban area more and more lately.

  • Gayi_barch

    wowww nice work