Want an iPhone 5? There’s already a line at the Apple Ginza store

I was in Ginza yesterday afternoon (which is rather usual for me as I live nearby) and was only mildly surprised to see that there are already four or five people camped out and waiting for Friday morning’s iPhone 5 launch.

The weather’s been good and looks like it’ll be decent for the next few days and they all seemed pretty relaxed about their FIVE DAY wait.


A terrible shot (as in blurry) because I couldn’t be bothered moving closer, but this guy seems to be first or second in line.

As I said in my post for the iPhone 4S launch, I’m rather intrigued by people lining up for consumer goods in markets that have no scarcity, so I wonder what his motivation is or why he’s doing it – for example, is he a tech blogger or just a fan or is he being paid to do it?

Anyway, I’m sure the line is growing as I type this.


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